Here’s guerrilla projection taken to a whole new level: hitting the pavement, doing it from a moving object. Hit the road, jack.

The result: a digital tiger that appears to “run” across the surfaces of Parisian buildings. A reader tells us:

We have seen a tiger on Vimeo projected and prowling around the streets of Paris.

We found out that the french creative studio Le3 has been terrorizing Paris in recent days with its latest art installation, called the “Golden Tiger.” The team is projecting recorded footages of a running tiger onto the streets of Paris from a moving vehicle. The apparent running speed of the beast is controlled by the speed of car, via sensors in its wheels.

It goes to show that street mapping have clearly moved forward.

Moving forward, indeed. And it makes you wonder what other mobile projection ideas might be lurking in the veldt.

More information:


Street Mapping in Paris
from an original idea by
with the participation of
Laurent LE GOFF
Music by THE AGENCY ‘Watching Us’
(F. Blet / R. Trotel / Y. Mayoux)
Published by Industry of Cool
From the album ‘SOMNOGRAPHE’ © 2011

Tiger in your Tank? [Updated] Unfortunately, it seems this work – has already been done. While unintentional coincidence is certainly easy enough in this field, here it appears the work above was without attribution based on an earlier work. Drawing from earlier ideas is a good thing, but doing it directly and without attribution would tend to be plagiarism. I will investigate to see if there’s something we don’t know here. [by Karolina Sobecka – and really quite lovely work, too – thanks to arctic sunrise in comments and a discussion thread on creative applications]