Live in Frankfurt, I’m here at Propellerhead’s pre-Messe announcement event with CEO Ernst and team. What’s new:

  1. A US$1 iOS app that’s designed for music-making on a bus. Multi-touch interface, built around quick access to tonality, rhythm, and pattern – but the Reason engine under the hood. The same as Reason on desktop.
  2. After years of resisting plug-ins, something different: Rack Extension is Reason’s own format that opens the Rack to developers, but in the Props’ view solves problems like providing undo, cross-platform compatibility, and easier collaboration than plug-ins provide.
  3. Audition add-ons with a 30-day trial.
  4. Rack Extensions will be available by summer (some time Q2) as a free update. Third parties already announced include Korg, Sugar Bytes, Peff, Softube, GForce, SonicCharge. And they’re inviting other developers. (No word on an SDK.)
  5. A store to buy add-ons, runs Windows and Mac, associates your license with your account. 70/30 profit.

We’ll have details after the announcement, taking our time to get the quality right, but in the meantime here are live notes and commentary from the announcement. Enjoy: