Sometimes the narrow apertures of musical genre can be a dead-end for inspiration. You often just can’t find a way to kick-start your creative process by listening only to songs that sound like you want. So, mixes really ought to be mixes. They ought to be personal. And even for producers and DJs, listening ought to be a pleasure.

This weekend, we invite back Sofia Kourtesis, the globe-trotting German-Greek-Peruvian producer and DJ, to share some of her sonic touchstones. (She was part of a big mix-up of mixes posted in March, and has also shared her techniques for mining flea markets to make music.)

Following yesterday’s discussion of the importance of pop, and a ground-breaking show at Berghain later this month, this seems appropriate. So enjoy the exclusive mix Sofia has prepared for us on CDM – “the streets we left behind”:


This mix is about how my mood looks currently, and what I listen to when I’m on my way to the studio and while I’m drinking tea.

I like the dynamic of the songs. Actually, I started with Four Tet because I think the texture of the production is awesome — it makes me feel like home when I listen to these samples; just beautiful.

Dave Dk and Die Vögel and Lake People are producers that I’m drawn to because of their care for details. Kate Bush and Black Sabbath are classics that inspired me all my life. The Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979” represents happiness for me. It’s a tune that I listen to before i get the waves in Lima at 6 am.

Kraftwerk are a must for me, as I like the way that they are songs are constructed and the confidence to sing in German. I think more people should think in German.

Lena Willikens is a genius; I started listen to her and love every song of hers.

And Gold Panda, “Before Tigers.” He was my mentor for a while, and I learned something musically from the time we lived together.

Also this mix has a song off my new album called “Smallville.” made with some analog synths, samples — my typical xylophone sound parts. Inspired by Berliner nights.



Four Tet – Morning Side
Die Vögel – Mesmerize
Dave Dk – Smukke Lyde
Gui Borrato – The K2 Chapter
Sofia Kourtesis – Smallville
Gold Panda – Health Remix Before Tigers
Lake People – Night Drive
Lena Willikens – Asphalt Kobold
Kraftwerk-Computer Liebe
Sofia Kourtesis – Killa
Black Sabbath – Caravan
Kate Bush – Running up the Hill
Falty DL – Rich Prick poor dick
The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979

For more, follow:



Sofia plays Berlin at this year’s Luft & Liebe Festival, opening Sunday evening a program that also includes Extrawelt and Jacek Sienkiewicz.