Interactive visuals in the browser now make stunning eye candy live that used to require whole server farms to render. – now in a free open beta – lets you harness that, without even knowing how to code. is a dataflow (visual patching) development environment that runs entirely in the browser – using the latest 3D capabilities of computer GPUs. That means it’s something you can mess with right from inside your browser of choice, and that you can deliver in the same environment – so, say, create an immersive music video someone can access from any computer.

HOLON – “Hold On.”

It’s also a great gateway drug or complement to desktop-oriented environments like TouchDesigner and vvvv. (Once you start thinking in this sort of flow, some ideas translate – and something like TouchDesigner is a better choice if you need to output to, say, a heavy-duty desktop or five for large-scale projections.)

I’ve written about before, but you had to request an invite. They’ve now opened up to a public beta, so anyone can register. I’m sure some people in the CDM audience will do some amazing stuff with it. Just be sure to let us know when you do.

Also, the devs tell me they’ve finished up more videos showing how to work with music software. I’ve added those to our most recent story:

The visuals here, by the way, come from this gorgeous music video by Holon (and a nice tune, too):

If that’s punishing your browser GPU (or you’re on a mobile device), you can check it out as a video, as well:

If you want to see 2019 software discussed in a forum layout that’s straight out of the 90s, here’s that. (It’s only missing a blink tag.) More of their work:

Ready for more advanced stuff? Here you go – and yeah, you can code if you wanna: