2019 – it’s a year when many of us are, let’s say, having some trouble chilling, relaxing, or … uh sleeping, to say nothing of meditating or studying. Fortunately, if you want a Eurorack modular solution, your ship has come in.

“Life can feel too fast sometimes,” say the creators. Yeah, no s***, especially with a world that is apparently actively on fire and run by people who seem to want to fan the flames rather than put it out. Wait, sorry, what was I talking about? Oh yeah. Chill. Slow down. Om.

Or rather, turn that Om into Ohm.

Dawless Jamming has an open call for meditative modular, extending on the channel’s patches and whatnot. Literally it came to the moderator in a dream, they say – “Rings into Clouds Forever.”

More details on the YouTube link above.

Breathe in, breathe out. Your patch cables are getting very heavy…

Let go of your fears and attachments. Do not worry about personal possessions… oh, wait, you let go of all of those already, you’re in modular…

Great stuff, though for me it still can’t top the soporific impact of this: