Find generators and FX for VJing, Motion, Final Cut Pro X, and more – or make your own, in GPU-accelerated ISF format. And need a VJ tool? VDMX is on sale for $99.

That’s the news from our friends at Vidvox, makers of VDMX, and developers of the open GLSL format for generators and effects.

Okay, first – that shader graphics effect… thing. Interactive Shader Format, or ISF, is all about having plug-ins for visuals to make graphics and add effects, accelerated on your computer’s graphics card. There was already a website, but now it’s far cooler.

For visual producers, you can check out sample shaders and browse and search. So this is an easy one-stop shopping guide to some new eye candy:

Browse ISF shaders

Want more resources? Check those here, including with applications you can work with:

If you’re handy with code and ready to make your own shaders, the site revision is also ready for you. So – on this week’s theme of “I’m going to learn sword swallowing and Jiu jitsu” yeah, there’s also a primer to learn GLSL, plus an ISF quick start. And actually, if you’re a CDM reader making visuals, getting into a little code for GPUs is not a bad idea.

Once you’re up to speed with your skills, there’s a new code editor – with better error checking, which you’ll want while you debug as you learn.

All of this looks Mac heavy at first glance (VDMX is Mac-only), but TouchDesigner and openFrameworks and Max are all supported, too, so think Apple visual tools, but also VJ apps, but also dataflow environments and live coding tools. There is support for Linux and iOS as well as Mac and Windows in the C++ framework, and there’s even a browser, JavaScript version. See integrations.

But wait – what if you do have a Mac, and you want VDMX as a cool live visual environment? (And it’s one that can easily host all these cool new shaders you just coded yourself / found on the site.) For the next month, the “student / struggling artist” cost is down to US$99. (Full licenses are on sale $249, for any of you mercifully not struggling right now.)

Info on the sale:

Dig through, as they have a bunch of freebies on their site, too.

And I’m having lots of fun here:

Pictured at top: Dédoublement, Cie Cobalt, mapping by Silvia Fabiani, built in ISF.