We saw this week that Vuo is a powerful Mac solution for making your own effects, transitions, and generators visually. Now one popular VJ app has native support.

(Photo at top – Vj Zef & Santo. Photo Credit: Bruno Destombes / see bottom for the story.)

VDMX remains one of the go-to favorites for people playing visuals live, running visual shows, and VJing on the Mac. David at Vidvox writes to let us know the latest VDMX build has native support for those Vuo plug-ins (in an open standard called FFGL).

That’s a big deal, given the new version is more powerful and faster, and exports custom plug-in creations – plus now there’s a free edition to get started with. See my previous write-up:

Vuo Pro 2.0 for Mac lets you make your own video plugins, VJ FX – and now there’s a free version

Also in this build:

Vuo 2.0 is here! Updated VDMX to include Vuo 2.0

Prefs are only “dark” if the user’s running high sierra or later

Added datasource for feature differencing when Synopsis metadata is available.

Added audio analysis/FFT delta data source

Go grab it and do be in touch if you make something cool.


More on the software:


Pictured, at top – not exactly this software combo, but definitely VDMX working with shaders, and absolutely worth a look, too:

VJ Zef: Saturday Shaders