SunVox, the genius invention of Alexander Zolotov that’s free or just a few bucks on basically every platform, just keeps getting better.

The existence of SunVox is itself a ray of hope. It represents a different approach to production, made of only the tastiest, nerdiest bits of software past. It’s the feature equivalent of licking the icing off OREO cookies, except no one will stop you.

Android would be almost a useless platform for music, except that Android runs SunVox perfectly and then you don’t need any other apps. That’s six bucks well spent. And it’s on iOS, too. And free on macOS, Windows, Linux, and … you’ve got some old Windows CE device? Don’t create toxic waste. Run SunVox.

Version 1.9.6 is coming with two stupidly cool features, perfectly integrated with the software’s cyberpunk-cool workflow.

There’s a Pitch Detector you can throw into the modular environment, which popped into my YouTube feed last month.

Keep watching, because as Sasha starts messing with those parameters and modules, you get some cool twists. MultiSynth has also added new features, granular options and pitch shift – which does make a fascinating combo with this pitch detection stuff.

And then there’s Dynamic Scale. Oh my. “MultiSynth + Curve3 (X=note;Y=pitch) + dynamic scale (you can change the curve3 from the pattern).”

Say what? Just watch, below. And yes, I suspect you can go all Well-Tempered Clavier on Amphetamines with this.

Honestly, it just seems like the coming months will be a good time to turn to SunVox for solace. So here is a 2019 video that explains all the forms of automation and control the environment supports:

But has plenty of other creations to keep you entertained uh, basically, forever, even without any money, provided you have something with a working display and basic CPU.

Available EN/RU:

Thanks to the Goethe Institut for the support for our event with Vladivostok; since it is still the year of Russia, maybe I can ask to go hide out somewhere in the middle of nowhere switching between a studio and a banya, learning to do more stuff with Mr. Zolotov’s incredible software.