The Link-enabled products page has gotten busy, but here’s one you may have heard of – Avid Pro Tools. It’s the latest to support Live’s tech for jamming together across apps, software, and hardware.

Just don’t call it sync – Link is networked and all about jumping in and out across multiple tools and (if you like) with multiple people.

Adding Pro Tools is a big deal, because if this is your DAW of choice, you now can instantly connect to sessions with other Link-supporting software including Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, Rekordbox, Reason, Maschine and MPC, but also tons of apps (mobile included) and even some hardware. SuperCollider and Max and Pd all have support.

All in all, it makes Pro Tools far more flexible and shows the growing support for Link. It might also prompt some other DAW developers that haven’t adopted yet to follow suit.

Oh yeah and – all versions are supported  2020.9 and later, including the free Pro Tools | First edition. So it also means those of you who have to dive into Pro Tools instead of Ableton Live to complete a job can easily sync the two packages, too.