Tom, who has worked with the likes of Arturia, Kilohearts, GForce, and some Grammy and Oscar winners, writes to let us know about the Synth Vault – 20 free preset each month, plus tutorials to learn how to go beyond them.

Presets are routinely vilified, and I know it’s hilarious to sound designers when press-play presets show up on TV or tracks. (Ahem.) But the key as routinely championed on this site is whether you see a preset as the end point – or the starting point.

And wow, has Tom ever come up with a starting point. Each month features:

  • Omnisphere presets
  • Arturia Pigments presets
  • U-he presets (across Urs’ whole line)
  • …and some wildcards (Pendulate, Vital, and Knifonium have been featured in the past)
  • Two free tutorials

It’s a nice structure – frankly I’m running this not only as advertisement for Tom, but some added motivation for the rest of us to organize ourselves that well!

Of course there needs to be a business model here; the hook is, Tom is selling lots more on his site. But it’s a nice approach – and I’ll be looking partly just to learn a bit from how Tom does his preset design, as opposed to my own, uh, fairly sloppy approach.