Let’s kick off the weekend with some inspiration – all the possibilities that can abound in the physical stuff around us, as well as the imagined virtual sources of electricity and digits.

Matmos just posted this wonderful improv, and if it doesn’t make you watch the clock and then go hunt for a mic and some toys to make sound with, probably nothing will.

They write in the description:

An improvisation in the studio. Drew is flawless with rhythm and bass live sampling Martin, who is playing random objects around the table (mostly plastic, of course: bag, nurdles, plastic marble, plastic cup, deli tray). Together, unplanned, we visit some deeply hypnotising sound-places! Please visit our Bandcamp page for composed music.Thanks for listening and/or watching!

Hey, who is calling deli trays and nurdles random? This stuff is essential instrumentation.

Actually, this raises some metaphysical questions about what qualifies as electronic music. (Or if you were coming up with dumb blog names in the year 2004, thinking of what it means to “create digital music.”) It’s really amplification that provides this particular perspective on these acoustic sounds. And through worlds of physical modeling, you can also reimagine a lot of those same acoustic properties in virtual (and sometimes slightly impossible) ways.

Via Twitter – don’t watch while you’re driving.

Follow Drew, too – who I see is contributing to another cause important to us and Palestinian friends in need, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, as folks need assistance. I’ll keep an eye out for this one; seeing plenty of familiar names.

Plastic Deli Tray is the future.


Your mission, CDM readers, should you choose to accept it, is to make something that allows the #nurdles tag I just created to grow. I want to hear what you’re making, too, even if you’re not Matmos.