Erica Synths’ Pico DSP is already a tiny wonder – a 120EUR, tiny 3HP module with deep custom effects. But the folks at Xodes will let you go even further – at your own risk.

Here’s the idea: the Pico DSP is great as it is. But what if it could be expanded to use other effects – the way the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP can use expansions?

The PICODSP Black Card Interface does just that for the Pico DSP. (There’s a version for the pricier Black Hole module from Erica, too, but you uh … might want to have a go on the cheaper, smaller one first.)

The good news: if all goes well, you get all the original functionality of your Erica module (including its algorithms), plus the ability to use stuff for Tiptop’s open source, cartridge-based system. Imagine a tiny, tiny cart slot for effects, which works with Halls of Valhalla, Mariana Trench, and Dragonfly Delay.

The bad news: you might send your module to the real Valhalla if you screw this up, and yes, there’s some delicate desoldering of surface mount parts.

As Xodes put it, “Only the person performing the modification can be held responsible in case of trouble.” I think those words are already pre-engraved on my tombstone, actually.

The still more good news, though – if you do have an MK1 Black Hole from Erica, you can plug straight into the expansion ROM connector already on the device and you don’t have to modify anything – nice. See the solder-free BCI-BHDSP MK1 backpack for that.

Our friends over at Gearnews get the scoop on this. Actually, link to them, so I’m not held responsible when people destroy their modules.

XO Devices puts Halls of Valhalla onto the Erica Synths Pico DSP [Gearnews]

Find all the products here:

There are plenty of people who are handy enough with surface mount soldering to pull this off, so I imagine there could be a nice little cottage business for modding. In fact, someone who’s really ambitious might just want to carpetbag some mods next week at Superbooth. (Find Erica and hide under their table with your soldering station, perhaps? Someone can pass you no-alcohol beers to keep your hands steady.)

I expect cranking this will help your SMT work.

I’m a solder n00b, so I’ll just work on this while loading up some MeeBlip InDesign and Illustrator files. Sigh.