The minds at Bastl Instruments are already launching their September issue module – a “friendly stereo mixer” with line level ins, preamp, and mixing.

Keep reading for the demo video, as there are some lovely musical ideas, too.

So, you’ve got a Eurorack modular system, and you want to turn it into an effects unit / aux send mixer? Or you want to mixdown your modules into stereo? Or you want to take your modular and use it with external gear for processing? Or you have some line input gear and you want to make sure the level is right?

My Buddy.

This is for all those things. On its surface, it’s just a bunch of jacks and some knobs, but it can adapt to different usage styles. It works for folks who make the modular the center of your rig – whether it’s mixing down all the other modules or acting as hub for other gear. And it also works if you think of a modular (maybe a smaller suitcase rig) as some outboard spice to add to other stuff.

The trick here is that Bastl took two line-level preamps, plus the boost op-amp used on the Dude, and put them in a convenient module. You can also nicely overdrive clean stereo signals, meaning your modular is also some handy, ready-to-use dirt.

Let’s run the specs:

Channels A and B:
— DC coupled
— 100k input impedance
— gain ×2 / +6dB,
— left input normalized to right channel

Channels C and D:
— AC coupled
— 10k input impedance
— gain ×10 / +20dB
— stereo TRS 3.5mm jack input or 2× mono TS 3.5mm
— solder jumpers to convert to DC coupled
— solder jumpers to normalize left input to right channel

Soft Zenner clipping at 10vpp on mixdown stages

NE5532 op-amp for low-noise pre-amp

1k output impedance

Chaining back jumpers L/R inputs and L/R outputs:
— Only when Buddy outputs are not patched, the mixdown
is sent to the output chain jumpers (patch configurable

Product page

€142.60 from

It’s Bastl, so of course, even this fairly utilitarian module gets an adorable promo video.

Keep going for some very nice music, too… in stereo. Oh, and there is one of those affordable Zoom multi-effects pedals in the video, too. So this isn’t just for those of you who are independently wealthy; it could also be a high-quality core of a very affordable, compact device.

Check, too, the ultra-compact rig with Polyend, Mutable Instruments, OP-Z, and that delicious Roland D-05.

Hey, Vaclav, hope we all get to jam soon.

Now, great as that marketing video was, my 1980s self couldn’t help but think of… this song:

In the interest of not being culturally centered on the 1980s USA, though, let’s also give GFRIEND their “My Buddy” performance … “nanana nanana nanana nananana“:

And if even that is not your speed, well, G-Unit also heard that damn earworm doll ad for boys: