Grains of Peace may be the essential addiction of this week. Wars are designed not only to produce physical harm but anxiety and hopelessness. From Kyiv comes a beacon of peace and calm – with a call to make a material difference for those fighting to end the war and protect Ukraine.

20ft Radio was already a vital independent radio space – like so many of those we all depend on in our hometowns. It broadcasts in peacetime from the port container at former ribbon-weaving factory “Strichka”.

Now, they’ve got a series of soul-soothing mixes going. There’s something just beautiful about this – not only for the current essential situation in Ukraine, but imagining beacons of hope against violence and occupation around the world. And whatever anxiety, uh local elections and corruption, occupations (a few of those) happen to be stressing you out, you can absolutely go hear, listen to the folks from Ukraine and their supporters around the world, and give back to that fight if you have the resources. (It’s also meditative as I listen to this, hearing HEALING HOURS open this up, warm-tinted pads quivering and bird songs, as the donation meter starts to tick to life.)

You can hover over the lineup for more descriptions, too. The lineup is huge already, both important Ukrainian artists and lots of friends from around the world (Legowelt to Biosphere, amount others). Two more days aren’t even announced yet.

Here’s info in UA/EN:

Ми розпочинаємо благодійний радіо-марафон Grains of Peace. Відсьогодні і до першого квітня відвідувачі сторінки матимуть змогу почути рекреаційні мікси, умиротворючі виступи та лайви від резидентів радіо та друзів. Також кожен бажаючий зможе підтримати Україну донейтом та поширенням інформації про проект на сторінках соцмереж. Всі зібрані кошти будуть направлені у фонди допомоги мирному населенню та відновлення інфраструктури.Ми віримо, що музика – це інструмент миру і ліки, силу яких може відчути кожен, вона допомагає знову віднайти віру, надію і мир. Ми створили рекреаційий аудіарій, в якому кожен бажаючий може перепочити від тривожного інформаційного фону. Слухайте музику та лишайтесь з Україною 🇺🇦

We are launching Grains of Peace – the charity project and recreational zone to help Ukraine with music.From today till April 1, visitors of Grains of Peace web-page ( can enter a special recreational audiorium to hear peaceful mixes, soothing performances and live broadcasts from the residents and friends worldwide. Also, everyone will be able to support Ukraine by donating and sharing information about the project on social media pages. All funds will go to to help civilians, infrastructure restoration and friend-volunteers. More info on web-page.All funds will be transferred to NBU Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance, Destroyed Property and Infrastructure Restoration Fund and friends-volunteers who are fighting back the occupier in different Ukrainian city. We believe that music is an instrument of peace, a medicine, the power of which can be felt by everyone, it can help to find faith, hope and peace. Listen to music and stay with Ukraine 🇺🇦