Reharmonized tone-deaf Star-Spangled Banner is now its own genre

We live in extraordinary times—times when the Internet has driven innovation and shared culture to previously unknown levels. And as with extreme performance in pro sports, we’re now treated to harmonization of the most tone-deaf renditions of the USA’s national anthem that are reimagining tonal harmony.

Internet Archive has saved MTV News, VICE – and it’s a total time machine

If you want your MTV, you’ve got it back. The Internet Archive and Wayback Machine has restored the archives of MTV News (and VICE, while we’re on the subject) shortly after their corporate overlords nuked everything. It’s a move crucial to research – and pleasantly wasting time online.

Peter Kirn - July 5, 2024

What AI can’t do – parody – and why not

I was pondering what it was that bothered me so much about the Suno and Udio case. My pride as a composer? Erm, no. Fear of AI? Copy-pasting Abba lyrics, uh, not really. No, it’s something else…

Peter Kirn - June 25, 2024

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