It’s called “new sounds from a new place.” It’s a mix by Swedish music machine maker Elektron with LA’s dublab. And the description tells us that “all tracks produced exclusively on –“

Uh… message concludes there.

On a plane?

On point?

On a bet?

En garde?

On acid?

“A new place” also sounds like someone who just got over a breakup. (I’m in a new place, Brad. I don’t even miss your dirty old studio. I’m doing self-care and frequency modulation, on Model:Cycles.)

But commenters on Elektron’s socials are naturally speculating this sentence ends with “on a brand-new Elektron –” (finish that how you like, we’re now taking your bets). Okay, one person says cynically it’s just the “same old bleep & bloop sounds,” and my response is, I … have some bad news for you about electronic music in general. Why are you following Elektron, actually?

But let’s get on with it. Whatever this was exclusively done on, it’s a killer array of producers and some fantastic music. So turn it up loud – loudly enough if any of your friends start complaining that electronic music is nothing more than vibrations in sound perceived by your ears.

Arkajo – Hyperspace Café
Jimmy Myhrman – Distortion Safari
Joel Lundberg – Kee-RAUT
Lady Starlight – T82
Elin Piel – Vatten
Yann Tiersen – The Transdimensional Express
Baseck – The Enchiridion
The Album Leaf – Opus

I mean, that is a combination of people I love, but not that I’m used to seeing in a single place. Can this also be a festival?


And as for bleeps and bloops – oh, you know we’re all junkies for those.