Roman from Black Corporation writes to let us know they’re selling five イセーニン 8-voice polysynths in custom Ukrainian colors with all proceeds going to “non-military related charity in Ukraine.”

These are $10,000 each or whatever donation above that you want to make. I’ve asked for where the money would be distributed but don’t yet have an answer. For sales or discussing where money can go (including if you have a charity in mind, I’d think), you can speak to Roman directly at

Full gallery at bottom.

The Jupiter-inspired synths are 8-voice polysynth desktop units. The sale is up on Twitter:

In the midst of lots to talk about with Ukraine, I fell behind in tracking hardware makers working for benefits. A best-practices case is Erica Synths, who just this week released detailed numbers of how much they’ve raised:

MUSIC FOR PEACE [Erica Synths]

Funding goes 100% to

Noise Engineering are also in on the act:

Noise Engineering joins Music For Peace fundraiser by donating the profit from all purchases of Loquelic Iteritas and Clep Diaz modules and in addition they will match any profit made – up to 10 000 USD.

For Erica’s part, the following hardware is covered, until stock is gone:

Black Digital Noise, Black Dual EG/LFO, Sequential Switch II & Snazzy FX – Mini Ark, Wow & Flutter, Tracer City. 

Also worth noting, hardware maker Dnipro Modular is Ukrainian – more on them in a separate post.

Meanwhile, some more shots of the Black creation: