This is what media art nerd YouTube looks like – a heaven for fans of the transformative output of Nam Jun Paik, organized by the artist himself, in both English and Korean. Via Cosmin TRG.

Paik’s Video Study was set up by the artist, and has since grown in its collection and research activities. It’s an incredible resource – made somehow more charming by some dicey video transfers with occasional tracking issues. (Well, hey, people who love Paik also tend to love glitch; I’m not complaining in the least.)

It’s all here:

  • Editions and clips of single-channel video works and sources for other pieces
  • Documentation of performances, home videos, and interviews
  • Broadcasts of still more documentation
  • Archival photos, scraps, posters, and so on
  • Exhibition images
  • Research texts
  • Images of the artwork collection

Want to dive into Charlotte Moorman on the TV cello? You can! Or take in a performance at The Kitchen. Or go see some Merce Cunningham. You know, all of it.

There’s even Ryuichi Skamoto interviewing Nam June Paik.

The only bad news is, prepare for some slooooow streaming and loading, at least from here in Europe. It almost feels like we should help organize some media art content distribution network or peer-to-peer solution. But that makes this no less of a treasure.

I’m tempted to fill out the survey that keeps popping up but … expect there might be a shipping issue if I win their giveaway. (Hey, I’ll come to Seoul to pick it up if I have to!)