Thursday night, as part of Vorspiel – the lead-up to CTM Festival and Transmediale – we’re gathering like-minded creative souls at Berlin’s Urban Spree. It’s an all-live electronic night with visuals by DEFASTEN, marking an AV release (on VHS!). Virtual and in-person immersive sounds and imagery collide, whether you’re in the club or watching a screen, which is just how we like it.

Detroit Underground began in its namesake city back in 1997, and has since expanded to include artists worldwide. But it’s been a collective magnet for a lot of us here in Berlin, too.

This Thursday, part of the recent DU-BRLN compilation get out of our studios to play live together in person, for a night of dark, industrial, and experimental post-techno sounds. That includes Jessica Kert (modular guru you can also find at Schneidersladen), The Allegorist (whose surrealist shamanistic future has been featured here), Yaporigami (aka multi-talented sound designer and composer Yu Miyashita), and futuristic and dark cinematic sound imagineer André Uhl. We also feature eclectic-prolific artist Akkamiau (female:pressure Berlin activist and organizer), who helped open up Vorspiel with the afterparty last weekend. Oh yes, plus myself, so will be great to see you folks in person.

defasten live set preview. (above, at top)
defasten, in the Kinect world + Notch.

DEFASTEN is back to provide live visuals, in a rig powered by a dozen-or-so scenes in Notch, the generative visual tool. That allows him to weave together 3D scans of Berlin with other immersive worlds, in a technique that allows the artist to create imagery both for virtual and real contexts – here, entirely in the club, live. There will even be some moments melding in-person 3D via Kinect with those 3D scans.

Patrick’s Notch and 3D work has been a regular feature here on CDM, so it’s great to see a night given over to the collaboration with music. Hope we’ll check in with more on that soon.

The way to catch the event is to check the details on RA – and grab early tickets there (additional tickets on the door):

DU-BRLN @ events

And here, we’ve got some exclusive preview images from DEFASTEN’s live set.

AV release, more

This is definitely a release party, too, but we’re glad to bring that party to you where you are. You can check out the DU-BRLN RAILWAYS AV album compilation from Detroit Underground, including a VHS physical release.


More recent DEFASTEN visuals with two of us playing Thursday:


Event info and tickets: