Fresh, unexpected, unreleased music – we’re back with the regular series Post at Refuge Worldwide. This month’s special guest is Donbas, Ukraine native Moe Nagasi, our conduit to the Donbas-Berlin connection. Tune in 1pm local time (UTC+2 ) / 7am NYC time / 8pm Tokyo.

You can listen live on Refuge Worldwide, and there’s a Discord chat (also available in the chat pop-up onscreen)! If you’re there, do say hi, especially as I haven’t been tending to share these on CDM.

We really are mixing live and spontaneously – so I’m all the more excited. This one should be special. And we can keep an eye on the chat from the booth. I’ll add the archived show when it’s available with some track references.

Got some music from Beirut to Tehran to Shanghai on my USB stick here, some of it definitely unreleased, so let’s go.

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Moe Nagasi is the DJ, producer, classically trained violinist, and film composer Valeriia Khazan from Donbas, Ukraine. Valeriia is adept at mixing electronic and acoustic sound in contexts from club to cinema, to concert, with appearances this summer at Interzone, Arkaoda, and Chaos Communication Camp.

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