French maker Arturia is reaching its 25th birthday, and they’re promising some news. Cue some Also sprach Zarathustra or, uh, Ainsi parlait Arturia.

Here’s all they’re saying publicly:

“25 years, and beyond. A new era awaits, and you’re invited to witness its dawn.”

What could this possibly be? I … know, actually so I’ll leave the speculation to you. Tune in tomorrow for the CDM take on things. Their livestream link:

Okay, okay. It’s ARTURIA … IN … SPAAAAACE!

Hey, what can we do to get more of Mark Hamill and the Muppets, actually? Frank Oz in great form as always… (Look, technically I did not veer off course here – that is an ARP making the R2 sounds. That’s not a clue though. Never mind.)