This is your banger early warning system. You know how it goes – you hear a track, and you just instantly know it’s going to become USB key fodder and will magically work on dancefloors. This is that, and the star is … a flip phone?

Yep, Peder Mannerfelt made this one on a flip phone. Not even a feature phone – we’re talking the old “dumb phone” where we were furiously tapping out text messages and maybe got a game of Snake if we were lucky.

As the producer noted on X, “This is where the album was recorded and mixed and all the gear that was used.”

Now, purist CDM readers might insist on also running some obscure tracker on a Treo or something – hey, SunVox runs everywhere, or there’s stuff like LittleGPTracker. I’m going to put that out there.

But this sounds like an instant hit. It’s going on my USB, for sure – both versions.


‘Flash My Flip Phone’ hinges on the titular keypad tones as a sort of early 00s update on bleep techno with added doof. As a complementary serving, the ‘Flipped Groove Version’ notches up the steely, loopy mechanics of the track as an ode to kind of techno which moved mountains around the time most folk were flashing their flip phones. It’s a direct adjustment for a more visceral experience, but rest assured both cuts will slay as they order you to make way for the power play, elbows aloft, eyes on the prize. Additional production & mix by Pär Grindvik
Artwork by Håkan Ullberg
Mastering by Isle Audio

While we’re at it, Maestro Mannerfelt is also running this very fine mix series, here featuring
Elise Massoni:

Tracklist – as you should always post, please:

1 Nelly – Karenn
2 Falling Lines (Pangaea Remix) – Blue Hour
3 Decision – Inox Traxx
4 Jugular – Hurdslenk
5 Sinara – Phil Berg
6 Just Reset – CVesth
7 Titles – Inox Traxx
8 Senti – SYMON
9 The Final Pattern – Phaaar
10 Magma – Stef Mendesidis
11 Raid – Phil Berg
12 Beetham Tower – Phara
13 post natal drip – aadja
14 Seraphic – Ignez
15 Second Opinion – Talismann
16 End This – Pfirter & Grindvik
17 Ascension – Phost
18 Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos’ Apocalypso Now Mix) – Appleblim and Shackleton
19 Calling Out – Overmono