Richard D. James worked with KORG on the microtuning feature of the Monologue. Warp has published a sprawling, nerdy interview he conducted with Tatsuya.

And there’s an all-KORG track, too:

Listening to former KORG engineer Tatsuya Takahashi, who led teams that developed the volca series, monotron, and others, interviewed by Aphex Twin – well, that’s got to be a nerdgasm.

And they deliver. They get deep into design and engineering philosophy, into tuning (naturally), on slop and imperfection, and then into geometry and a whole lot more.

Richard D. James speaks to Tatsuya Takahashi [Warp]

In case you’re wondering, “Tats” has moved on from Korg to a position in Germany at Yadastar. More on that soon, hopefully.