It’s good to be the deadmau5. In what feels like the love child of MTV Cribs and a Gearslutz dream, this video looks at the artist’s toys.

Where to begin? Dolby Atmos mastering in a home studio (the only such facility outside Dolby). A massive, massive Doepfer-centered Eurorack – big enough to fill a wall. Vintage Roland keyboards. A custom gaming room, with cases tailored to match his cars – and 4K streaming. And the networked mouse head, of course.

For extra bragging rights, some of those keyboards he got on the cheap – smart.

Oh yeah, and a giant Tim Horton’s sign, but that isn’t really a CDM thing.

Actually probably the most interesting bit here is the motion capture / visualization stuff.

Get ready for one excited Canadian spokesperson, but – come on, don’t pretend like you wouldn’t be impressed if you were there.