glitchNES: make visuals with your Nintendo

No Carrier (a.k.a. Don Miller) has released glitchNES, a ROM (read: game cartridge) that makes user-controlled visuals on the old school Nintendo Entertainment System, with results that resemble the effects of circuit-bending. glitchNES is free, open source, and runs well on NES hardware and in accurate emulators, e.g., Nestopia. Get it from As Don […]

Video Critter and Other Critters Open Sourced

Critter and Guitari, creators of the aforementioned DIY hardware Critter boards have released their PCB design files. Is it everything you need to make your own Video Critter? I don’t know enough about circuits to be sure, but it’s exciting that the information is now freely available. [via Make]

Jaymis Loveday - October 30, 2007

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