Update: Google AdSense Responds to Political Concerns, Sort of

AdSense pays publishers, period. And that means that what happens with AdSense impacts free content on the Web – particularly musician-made content, which increasingly turns to ads for revenue. As for improvements? Google says the check is in the mail. Photo (CC) Yusuke Kawasaki. Google has responded to widespread concerns about political ads, particularly those […]

Google AdSense Fails on Relevancy, Control, Policy, and Google Says Nothing

It’s not just gay marriage that’s at issue. A Google flap should have people thinking about the future of advertising. Photo: Eric Bartholomew aka Uber Tuber; also on MySpace. It’s a nearly unanimously-held belief: the future of digital content will depend, at least in part, on revenue from ads. This site is supported by ads. […]

- November 6, 2008

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