Free Turntablism: Open Source Reaktor Ensemble Could Change Scratching

Digital turntablism is nothing new. But Ammobox, debuted at the first-ever CDM Futuristic Music Design Challenge, is unique in a number of ways. What creator Nathan Ramella has done differently: 1. He’s demystified digital vinyl timecode. With no previous DSP programming experience, Nathan created his own custom tool for reading vinyl timecode — and explains […]

Teaser: ammoBox Project Digitally Scratches … What?

Nathan Ramella has sent us a video of a new project called ammoBox. What is it? Well, I happen to know a bit about it, but Nathan has sworn me to secrecy, so I’ll just point out: It claims to be the "world’s first stream scratching, simul scratching, sequ scratching" Nathan was a co-creator of […]

Peter Kirn - April 9, 2008

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