@AES: PreSonus’ New Handheld Audio Interface, Fully Plugged

AES updates through the week — problem with being at the show is, it doesn’t leave much time to write about the show! -PK Let’s face it: what most people need for computer audio is just an easy way of plugging in a mic or guitar or two. Presonus’ new Inspire 1394 is a bus-powered […]

iControl for GarageBand Shipping ($179.95); Whither Asteroid?

The mighty Associated Press is reporting M-Audio’s knob-filled USB interface for GarageBand, iControl, is now shipping. Or, in the words of the article, M-Audio is “expected to launch” early next week at Apple Stores in the US. Price: US$179.95 MSRP; a pretty decent, low price. Only bad news: you’ll need a separate audio interface for […]

Peter Kirn - June 27, 2005

Apple Can Read Online Journalists’ Email, Rules Court

A preliminary ruling last week is now final, reports CNet.com. According to the ruling by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge James P. Kleinberg, Apple may subpoena email records from NFox.com, email provider for PowerPage.org. CNet reports the court did not answer the question of whether writers for online 'enthusiast' sites are journalists. (The Electronic […]

Peter Kirn - March 11, 2005

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