The $7 Motion Graphics Conference Heads to Boston

MGFest, the Motion Graphics Festival, continues its multi-city tour March 5-8 (next weekend), on its way to Boston / Cambridge, Massachusetts. The whole conference is just US$7 for all the events. Here’s a quick look at the schedule and highlights: Screenings: if you’re ready to see motion reels on a big screen instead of YouTube, […]

Hacked-Together Frankenstein DIY VJ/DJ Controller: Def-Con + Resolume

Yes, sometimes the greatest DIY projects are built not from scratch but from the cannibalized bits of other, less-brilliant controllers. Together, these pieces become greater as a whole, from bland and boring to bizarre and fantastic. Case in point: Devin aka “mzo” writes us with his Cyrillic-emblazoned custom controller creation for VJ control. The project […]

Peter Kirn - August 27, 2008

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