Pop-Up Video: Tesla, Synesthetic Hallucination, and Augmented Book Science

Nikola Tesla in Sound and Light from Marco Tempest on Vimeo. Digitally-enhanced magician Marco Tempest is back, here with a poignant message about the magic of science – the leaps of faith, and leaps of showmanship, required to turn scientific imagination into reality. Any opportunity to celebrate genius scientist Nikola Tesla, unjustly unsung relative to […]

Geo-tastic Augmented Sculptures by Jean-Michel Verbeeck; Stumbling for Words for a Meme

. / HEXASTRUCT from Jean-Michel Verbeeck on Vimeo. You’ve seen work like this before, but keep watching – Jean-Michel Verbeeck’s execution is exquisite. Let me throw a phrase out there to describe this meme around projection mapping and augmented projection: Neo-Baroque Abstract Expressionism Post-minimalist Trompe L’oeil (I mean those – I’m not just turning into […]

Peter Kirn - June 22, 2012

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