Serato Meets Responsive Visuals in Quartz Composer: Video Tutorial Quickie

Serato’s ability to work with Quartz Composer opens up some unique possibilities for audiovisual DJ sets. I could describe what those are, but here Venus Rollergirl shows them off in Serato Scratch, as it’s easier to see than talk about. (That’s not to be confused with Serato DJ, now a separate product.) In this case, […]

vjay for iPad: 2-Channel VJ App Mixes, Mashes, and Even Records and Shares [Gallery]

For people who love video, the sight of a tablet simply screams out for seamless mixing and manipulation of video media. We’ve waited some time for something that really looks like a proper VJ app for iPad. TouchViz, from the creator of TouchOSC, was the first entry to move into this territory, with two-channel playback […]

Peter Kirn - June 7, 2012

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