Manufacturer Flakes on Mac Support, User Delivers: Behringer BCD2000 Drivers for OSX!

The BCD2000 has been somewhat of a contradiction for me since purchase. On one hand the hardware is fantastic; robust and seriously cheap. On the other hand the included software and drivers are absolutely abhorrent, PC only affairs with broken midi implementation. I’ve always hoped that Behringer would update the BCD to have similar (extensive) […]

Bleeding-Edge Alert: Flash 9 Preview Available

If you haven’t used Flash lately, you’ve missed a lot: it’s been quietly becoming more powerful. ActionScript 2.0 finally made Flash into a suitable programming environment, and Flash 8 brought awesome pixel-processing features via the BitmapData API. Add these to Flash’s lovely vector animation features, and Flash becomes a must-have tool. We’ve had a lively […]

Peter Kirn - June 28, 2006

CES: Bringing Guitarists Kicking and Screaming into the Digital Revolution

CDM’s Lee Sherman has been roving through the massive CES tech show and Macworld Expo over the last two weeks. He files this report on how music (namely, guitar music) is making an impact on consumer gadgets. -Ed. Guitarists are finally catching up to their keyboard-playing brethren in embracing digital technology due to a spate […]

Peter Kirn - January 14, 2006

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