Music Synthesis with a Human Pulse: Max/MSP and Biofeedback

While on the subject of physical computing, you can’t get much more physical than the pulse from a human body. pixelcrypt has created a piece that synthesizes music using human pulse. Two participants can collaborate on the music by regulating their pulse; the sonic feedback means this interactive art piece also doubles as an excellent […]

Everyone Deserves a Robotic MIDI Arm — Even DJs

Okay, wannabe cyborgs, you know you want it: no matter the price, you have to have a robotic armature on your body that sends MIDI data. The latest, via Engadget: the Gypsy MIDI controller. (Wait a second, the gypsy MIDI controller? Now, that doesn’t sound very cyborg. Marketing department, please?) It’ll cost you US$855 an […]

Peter Kirn - January 27, 2006

Circuit-bent Lightbulb Music at Tokyo Dorkbot; Tokyo Writer Wanted!

If you missed the evolving Dorkbot event in May, you missed some fantastic flourescent light bulb performance and djing with human bodies as electrical swithces. (The former I’ve heard done by a different artist; beautiful, wild sounds.) You’ve got a second chance: Dorkbot is due again on the 2nd of October with bending circuits apparently […]

Peter Kirn - September 21, 2005

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