Brain Reconfiguration Experiments

As you experienced digital musicians know, digital audio is powerful stuff, not to be trifled with. The gang at TechDweeb (see today’s circuit bending link explosion have conceived a very terrifying new technology: Omnidyne Psychotronix Limited Brain Reconfigurator This device was evidently installed here in New York State at “the ‘Compostar Oculus’ spacehub and interstellar […]

Head Music: Tap Your Brain, or Hit Your Head

Music is just getting head-y these days, at least at near near future. Not satisfied with a single brain cap for making music (see earlier on CDM), James Fung at the University of Toronto has hooked up 48 people's EEG brain waves to the computer for some group biofeedback. (near near future story) Then again, […]

Peter Kirn - March 31, 2005

Brain Caps: Brain-Music Interfacing

Is the real future of music interfacing directly with our brain? Jon Appleton, the composer and electronic musician who was on the team for the ground-breaking Synclavier keeps talking about how he thinks a 'brain cap' will be the interface of the future. Put it on, and it knows what music you're thinking. He talked […]

Peter Kirn - March 30, 2005

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