Raw: Wii Waggling Meets the Studio – in Gustavo Bravetti + David Amo + Julio Navas

Amo Navas Bravetti – Raw (live video) from Gustavo Bravetti on Vimeo. Sure, novel controllers are fun to watch, like our friend Gustavo Bravetti, driving a Brazilian crowd wild by waving his Wii remote live. But what if you can’t see the performance gimmick, if you’re just listening to the track? The pitch behind the […]

Gustavo’s Live Tutorial, Now en EspaƱol, Condensed to 60 Seconds

If you thought Gustavo’s tutorial on unlinked envelopes in Ableton Live was faster before, watch in 60 seconds! (It’s a teaser video, but maybe if you don’t blink and watch it a few times, you’ll learn subliminally.) If you or anyone you know speaks Spanish as a native language and you’d prefer not to have […]

Peter Kirn - September 14, 2009

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