Scoop: Future Brian Moore Guitar to Run MIDI + Audio Over USB

Since CDM broke details of the new Brian Moore USB-based guitar, many of you have been asking: if you can carry audio over a USB cable, why not simultaneous audio and MIDI data? With both, you could both record audio and control soft synths. Electric guitars, of course, don’t transmit MIDI directly since they’re analog […]

Why USB Guitars are a Good Idea (And Digital Guitars in General)

If you haven’t been following the message threads about the iGuitar.USB, we’ve got a pretty good discussion going: see commentary on the original story and in response to our iGuitar.USB Q&A. So, why does a USB cable on a guitar make sense? While it’s not for everyone, basically it lets you plug and play your […]

Peter Kirn - October 31, 2005

iGuitar.USB: More Questions Answered

A single-cable solution for connecting guitar via USB, as Brian Moore Guitars began shipping this week in the form of their custom iGuitar.USB axe, has a lot of appeal. But how practical would it be to use a USB guitar onstage or in the studio? I talked to Robin at the iGuitar factory headquarters to […]

Peter Kirn - October 28, 2005

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