Resonate 2013: Digital Visual Culture Paradise in Belgrade, in Packed, Affordable Weekend

Some art requires creative applications of technology in order to refine technique. At top, below: [Processing co-creator] Casey Reas. Digital minds converge at various places on the globe, but I’m uniquely excited for Resonate Festival 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia. I can think of no other place where this many different kinds of visualism intersect, from […]

In Expressionist, Elaborate Compositions, Reas + Rosner Generate Mural on Gehry

Against the sun-streaked, palm-silhouetted skies of Miami, Florida, generated software murals create a layer of intricate virtual architecture atop a flat canvas of Frank Gehry’s hall for the New World Symphony. LA-based Casey Reas (known to many as co-creator of Processing) worked with Tal Rosner to product shifting generative murals in what I think is […]

Peter Kirn - December 8, 2011

Casey Reas Talks to The Creators Project; Some Aesthetics and Art Behind Processing

Casey Reas, co-creator (with Ben Fry) of the elegant Processing coding environment so beloved now by artists, talks to our friends at The Creators Project in a recent video. Processing may be best known as only a tool, but it’s also become an open source conduit for ideas in aesthetics and digital art. Casey’s impact […]

Peter Kirn - July 20, 2011

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