Mobile Character Animation, Made on iPhone

Benjamin Rabe, iOS touch artist and avowed fingerpainter, makes a simple but very cute experiment using touch apps. I like this, not so much for the novelty of doing this on iPhones and things, as for the potential it demonstrates in fun, little touch apps as artistic tools. Now I’ll really be pleased when you […]

Free Pyppet for Blender Maturing Fast; Animate 3D Characters, Video, Use Wiimote

Blender, the insanely-powerful free 3D modeling software (and compositing software, and animation software, and game engine) is finally coming of age. And with it, so, too, are some of its plug-ins. Witness the sophistication of Pyppet, a “digital puppetry” plug-in for Blender. It allows you to take 3D models you’ve created and “perform” them in […]

Peter Kirn - August 18, 2009

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