Projection Mapping Meets Home Game System: Visuatari

Toy theater moves from the epic facade of a grand performance space to something scaled, in human terms, to miniature. Projection mapping can do the same thing. Just ask artist Tonner Vi. As writer Erica Gonsales has chronicled for The Creators Project, the Colombian artist has though small – egg crate small. The results can […]

Live, Creative Animation, as OSC Meets Cinema4D (Animate as You Jam on an iPad, etc.)

Electronic musicians have known for some time that the ability to get hands-on control can make something feel live – and alive. It’s just as true for real-time control of animation. At last, animation is getting that real-time, performative feel in the newest generation of software. For fans of the 3D tool Cinema4D, that makes […]

Peter Kirn - April 23, 2012

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