NYC Mayor Declares Music Player Day; NYPD Jails 8-bit Musicians

New York, New York: A wonderful town. Declaring random days for music conferences and — wait, huh? Jailing Game Boy musicians? Let’s deal with the weird news first. Remember how there’s a big 8-bit music concert tomorrow (Saturday) here in Manhattan? Our friends Nullsleep and Bit Shifter from the International Chiptune Resistance concert were arrested […]

Grand Theft MIDI: Novation/Focusrite Stock Stolen from Headquarters [Updated]

[Updated: Something odd happening with links. My links were posted incorrectly (my fault) but the address from Focusrite isn’t working, either. I’ll post once I get a corrected link from Focusrite. Thanks for your patience. -PK] Important news — please forward as widely as you can, particularly to anyone in a position to watch for […]

Peter Kirn - August 17, 2005

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