Sound Design, in Video:

“HALO: REACH” Game Audio Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo. Our friends at Designing Sound have been rocking out on that site, with extraordinary original and linked content for sound designers, ranging from work on games, broadcast, and films to sonic exploration for the curious field recorder or producer. (Designing Sound is hosted by CDM […]

Sonic Terrain, a New Site Dedicated to the Art of Field Recording

What’s in your bag? Photo courtesy Nathan at Sonic Terrain. If you want some hope that good things can happen online, look no further than Designing Sound, a blog/online magazine by Miguel Isaza and Jake Riehle. They’ve built a place where pro legends regularly rub shoulders with newcomers eager to learn more. Now, Miguel has […]

- September 8, 2010

BBQ Chicken Ambiences, and Ten Other Inspiring Sound Design Stories

Whether your trade in audio is in soundtracks for screens and games, or you’re just exploring strange, new worlds and seeking out new life and new timbres in your music, the discipline of sound design is as rich and deep as cooking. It’s something you can do every day. Okay, now just put that “cooking” […]

- May 10, 2010

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