Hybrid Man / Machine Orchestra: Interfaces, Interaction, and Keeping it Together

Image courtesy Machine Orchestra. Ed.: From modern electronica to South Asian Classical music, machines to humans, the Machine Orchestra is doing fascinating things with electrically-powered, digitally-manipulated, physically-robotic music. Here’s more about what makes the ensemble tick. It’s been nearly three months since I had the opportunity to guest blog here on CDM about a project […]

iPad, iPhone + Music Weekend Update: Logic, Live Control, or All-in-one Music

LiveControl for the iPad/iPod from ST8 on Vimeo. It’s fun watching projects progress. Since we covered control of Ableton Live with the iPad – noting a few of the early wrinkles in the setup – we’ve gotten new reports as people work out more efficient systems. And incidentally, if you don’t own an iPad, or […]

- April 11, 2010

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