DitNB 3: Indie Music Roundup — Loving Albums, Disco, Freebasing, Podcasts

CDM’s resident expert in indie music Atariboy is back with still more selections from the world of indie music. Get those headphones ready. -PK Here we are again. The third installment of dithered is the new black, albeit, 3 weeks late 😛 I like albums. I like the end to end experience instead of just […]

DITNB: Ambiencello, Gamelan, Electronica, and More Great Online Music

We welcome back Cris atariboy Pearson, the Melbourne-based musician and plasq developer/artist, for another installment of Dithered is The New Black. He’ll be checking in weekly with great independent music, much of it free, for taking your playlists to new places: Hey all. Welcome back to the second edition for this new column. Thanks for […]

Peter Kirn - July 13, 2005

Dithered is the New Black: Finding Independent Music with atariboy

G’day, pleased to meet you – This is the first installation of ‘dithered is the new black’, a weekly column about all the great music one can find online – usually for free. I’m atariboy. (Cris Pearson in ‘real life’) I make music (see atariboy.com) and design software (see plasq.com). Lets get to it . […]

Peter Kirn - July 5, 2005

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