iLok Issues Plague Pro Tools, Plug-in Users for Weeks; Anti-piracy Solutions Remain Mixed

Many users of software employing the popular iLok copy protection product are finding their licenses invalidated. A server glitch is to blame, but fixes have now taken since earlier in June and still appear to be at least partially incomplete. New installations and a process called “synchronization” can have the impact. iLok developer PACE has […]

PACE, Waves Respond to Blogger’s Blue Screen, and a Promise from CDM

WAVES and PACE defend their anti-piracy hardware protection and respond to allegations of technical difficulties from a blog entry … and why, if this discussion really matters, we should look at it a different way. At the beginning of the month, we pointed to a blogger who posted what was essentially a rant about why […]

Peter Kirn - December 20, 2007

Developer to Users: Boycott iLok and PACE

Updated: A PACE Anti-Piracy official has officially requested that we remove an image of the iLok product. While they asked not to be publicly quoted, they have challenged the technical accuracy of Adam’s blog post, saying they don’t believe their product caused the Blue Screen of Death. If PACE chooses to release an official reply, […]

Peter Kirn - December 3, 2007

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