Watch a talk explain perfectly why humans make music with technology

Why do you make music? You make music because you feel something – and you found it because you felt something. And what’s the point of music technology? It’s to put us in that space, to give us access to those feelings, and then to translate them to others. That’s the message in a TEDx […]

eMotion Arrives; Mac Donationware Makes Gestures and Dance Visually Alive

eMotion+Wiimote in IR mode from Adrien Mondot on Vimeo. eMotion, an all-Cocoa Mac app, is now available as alpha donationware, and it’s capable of some stunning, particle-based visuals. Wave around a Wiimote, and get satisfying swirls of particles – even if they send a chill down my spine as I sit here in snowy Chicagoland. […]

Peter Kirn - December 22, 2008

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