MetaHumans and ray tracing, as Unreal powers The Matrix and MegaGrants

Let’s not get sucked into any mention of the “metaverse” – from the standpoint of pure graphics power on mere-mortal PCs, Unreal is one of the tools that is now seriously accessible for artists, even on a budget. And that’s worth celebrating, given it previously required getting a rare gig in a Hollywood VFX company.

More Max+Unity Game Engine Goodness, with Powerful Toolkit for Max, Jitter, Pd

Take a powerful game engine (for animation, 2D and 3D graphics, physics, and on-screen interaction). Add the flexibility of a visual development environment for programming with virtual patch cords, for rich sonic and musical capabilities plus easy interaction with data and input. That’s the idea of combining something like Unity 3D with Max/MSP. In the […]

- April 6, 2009

Garritan Rescues Giga Sampling Technology, Talks Open Standards

Should sounds be part of a closed format that may not last? What happens if the format and platform that once were trusted by musicians and sound designers ceased to be? That’s the hard lesson learned by users of a popular sampling “standard” – but for once, the news is good. GigaSampler has been a […]

- April 1, 2009

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