Mac Users: Might Want to Hold Off on 10.5.7; Breaks Euphonix EuCon Control Surface

It appears that network changes in Mac OS 10.5.7 could adversely impact some hardware, specifically the Euphonix EuCon line of controllers. Here is information sent to customers today – thanks to reader Oliver Lucas for spotting this. Please note that the new Mac OS update released yesterday, Version 10.5.7, breaks support for the feature in […]

New Low-Priced Euphonix Control Surfaces, Leaked Early?

An anonymous readers tips us off on new control surfaces from Euphonix, a maker usually known for products at the higher end of the market. Whether this was an intentional post or not (it looks like you can pre-order the product), it’s definitely something new, and could mean you get a little Euphonix love in […]

Peter Kirn - January 2, 2008

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