Remote-Controlled Micro Projector in Fog: Pfadfinderei + Moderat

Today, we review the new Moderat LP, II, on Create Digital Music. Teaming up with fellow Berlin-based visual collective Pfadfinderei — that ubiquitous boutique of electronic visualism — Moderat devised a unique way to tease the album. They allowed Web visitors to remote-control a micro projector online. There’s a sense of musical fog in the […]

Experimental Light Sculpture, Against a Fragmented Wall [Video, Inspiration]

Experimental Light Sculpture from Karim Mansour on Vimeo. There’s something about seeing new work from students. It’s one thing to see something fully emerged, but another, unique pleasure, to watch it as it develops. And so, here’s a particularly good example from the first semester of 2012, a team of visual students from Germany experimenting […]

Peter Kirn - September 19, 2012

Mapping, in Motion: Projection Meets Stepper Motor for Rotating Fun [vvvv+Arduino]

File another project under “project imagery everywhere.” In the latest illusory technique for merging digital visuals with the physical environment, this uses motors to make the visually-activated object to seem fully virtual. It’s also another example of goodness with vvvv and the ubiquitous “interfacing with the real world” platform, Arduino. (Side note: it was a […]

Peter Kirn - May 25, 2012

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