Face Substitution, Face Scrambling, Straight Out of Sci-Fi

Virtuoso coder and prolific digital artist Kyle McDonald is at it again, here in collaboration with similarly expressive and skilled coder Arturo Castro. Together, working in openFrameworks, they make use of a face tracking library to turn the image of a face into new, terrifying visions once imagined only in science fiction. Here, going beyond […]

OpenCV Motion Tracking, Face Recognition with Processing: I'm Forever Popping Bubbles

Processing OpenGL Tutorial Video #2- Bubbles! from Andy Best on Vimeo. Interested in performing high-performance, high-quality video processing, computer vision, motion tracking, and analysis? And want to do it in the friendly Processing coding environment – an ideal place to start, even for non-programmers? First, you’ll want to read Andy Best’s introduction to OpenCV posted […]

Peter Kirn - February 10, 2009

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