Watch stunning 1000 fps projection mapping on dancers’ faces

At the bleeding edge of advanced projection mapping, new techniques are aligning the virtual world ever closer to the real one. And whereas VR technology is all about putting your head inside a virtual world, mapping processes allow the world around us to become more fluid as a canvas. If you’re friends on Facebook with […]

Gazing Back at You: Responsive Typography and Face Tracking [Source]

Camera input is at last going from waving your arms around in front of the screen to some genuinely compelling ideas. And the more designers use the camera in fluid ways, the more expressive video may be as a means of interaction. Croatian designer Marko Dugonjić demonstrates a proof-of-concept implementation of typography that responds to […]

Peter Kirn - August 14, 2013

Face Substitution, Face Scrambling, Straight Out of Sci-Fi

Virtuoso coder and prolific digital artist Kyle McDonald is at it again, here in collaboration with similarly expressive and skilled coder Arturo Castro. Together, working in openFrameworks, they make use of a face tracking library to turn the image of a face into new, terrifying visions once imagined only in science fiction. Here, going beyond […]

Peter Kirn - September 21, 2011

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